Monthly Archives: February 2010

Hawaii Hellbound

The 8.8 earthquake in Chile was one of the strongest ever recorded in history. Hawaii authorities were quick to issue tsunami warnings and thousands of residents fled low-lying grounds for safety. The Reverend Jerry Falwell waited for the landfall of the tsunami before declaring that the devastation on the Pacific was caused by their satanic […]

Out of the Limelight / GW Bush

GW Bush landed on US Abraham Lincoln on 10/30/2003. The banner ‘mission accomplished’ hung from the control tower. That claim proved premature and the president underwent five years of slogging through negative press, sentiment, and politics before leaving the White House in a helicopter. His successor waved from the ground and since that day the […]

One Day to Go – Winter Olympics 2010

With one days to go in the Vancouver Winter Games the Olympic Village has been hit with a shortage of condoms. Athletes have gone through the seemingly endless supply of contraceptives. 100,000 or 14 per competitor. Some entrees having sex more than once a day are one reason for the dearth of rubbers and religious […]

End of the Month Crackdown Beach Road in Pattaya

Sam Royalle is planning to open up the Ban Suay Go-Go on Walking Street. He offered me the position of manager. The pay was better than my salary on 47th Street. “You speak Thai, understand the culture, and have worked bars before. You’re perfect for the job.” Sam texted the message over Skype. “More like […]

What Price Justice – Thailand

The Thai High Court has denied reports that the principal judges were offered a 5 billion baht bribe or sin bon to rule in favor of ex-PM Thaksin on whether his fortune should be confiscated by the Supreme Court. Who wants to be a billionaire? Five of the nine judges in the court denied accepting […]