The Gay Minions of Ming

The one-child law has created a 100-million male surplus in China and the cute little emperors are becoming men without women. The communist cadres routinely censor porno websites to prevent the loss of the nation’s male virility and this week the government closed down a low-profile Mr. Gay China contest in Beijing. While no longer a criminal offense homosexuality is considered a taboo subject and the gathering for the pageant obeyed the eight police officers rather than risk a ‘Stonewall’ confrontation to the sold-out event.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a huge step backwards for the gay community, but I guess it’s not a step forward, either.” The head organizer admitted as drag performers switched into street clothes.

The winner of the contest would have represented the Peoples’ Republic in the upcoming Mr. Gay competition in Oslo.

Now China’s chance to be # 1 is gone and it’s back to the backrooms for freedom.

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