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Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood Reading 2/18

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 7pm at Freddy’s Backroom Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood Reading Series is moving to Brooklyn and as a tribute to our move to the Dodgers home borough, our first event will feature all stories from New Yorkers and their love for the game- any game- all games! We will hear from soft-ballers, basket-ballers, marathon-ballers- […]

Peace at Any Cost

I do my patriotic duty at least twice a day. For a related article click on this URL


Hollywood has embraced the philosophy of 2012 and the studios have produced a series of apocalyptic films portraying the end of the world through natural disasters, zombie infestation, or plague. We can’t blame nature, God, or Commie Martians for our position at the brink of extermination, for as Pogo said so eloquently in his cartoon […]

Little White Lies from BET ON CRAZY

Every start of the holiday Selling Season Manny, my boss on 47th Street, told the diamond sales staff, “Most people lie 17 times a day. In order for you to make sales. Lots of sales. I expect you to get your lies into triple figures. He who lies best, makes the sale.” People lie and […]


My father used to tell a joke. “What gray, howls at the moon, and is made out of concrete?” Everyone wanted to say a wolf, but the concrete threw them off the track. After they relented and asked, “What?” “A wolf.” “But a wolf isn’t made out of concrete.” Everyone would protest at this devious […]