Monthly Archives: September 2009

Bill Clinton Mea Culpas

The Yom Kippur fever infected a goyim VIP as ex-President Bill Clinton admitted during an interview with Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, Anderson Cooper, that he was wrong to oppose gay marriage and adoption “I think if people want to make commitments that last a lifetime, they ought to be able to do it. I have long […]

No We Won’t

Millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama in hopes that the new president would reverse the policies of GW Bush. No more torture. No more Guantanamo Bay. No wars. A rejection of the Patriot Act. The end of internal wiretapping of US citizens. No more rendition flights. I danced in the streets that November evening. […]

The Beauty of Bali

Bali was my preferred destination during the early 90s. Poste Restante Ubud was my address for most of the winter. I lived in a simple house overlooking a ravine. Villagers bathed in the stream in the evening. The sun set between two distant volcanoes. The music of the Legong band practicing for the evening performance […]


Polanski in Swiss Jail

No one has filmed a movie JAIL BAIT although the two words immediately bring to mind Roman Polanski, who was arrested in 1977 for seducing a 13 year-old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house. Polanski had anally assault the girl for fear of knocking her up. Many film people defended Polanski at the time, saying the […]