Monthly Archives: September 2009

Vee For Victory


US Intelligence Agencies have failed to capture Al-Quada founder Osama Bin-Laden. Billions have been wasted by the CIA, NSA, and FBI, however Los Angeles prosecutors have been succeeded in having Swiss authorities arrest the director Roman Polanski to face sentencing for a 30 year-old crime of child molestation. The french government expressed outrage and a […]

Gun and Booze ala Cat Ballou

Driving across country in the 70s was a rite of passage for hippie late-comers. Boston – Frisco could be driven in less than 50 hours, but a week on the backroads felt more like Kerouac’s ON THE ROAD. In 1974 my good friend Andy, a flaxen blonde coed from Harvard and I motored west in […]

The Fears of Fear

The security cop Joe at the diamond exchange is on a liquid diet. A couple of Buds for Breakfast. A few for lunch and then another two for his afternoon break. JOe’s an ex-cop, so he knows his limits. His words get slurred, but he is always ever-vigilant against a theft. Today a gypsy couple […]

My Credit Rating

750 is supposedly the best credit rating. My draft # in 1970 was 113. I stayed in university to avoid the last years of Vietnam. 365 was the best draft number possible. My credit rating is even lower than my draft lottery pick. It might even be negative and I also think it’s on my […]