Monthly Archives: July 2009

Can’t A Brother Get A Break

“I’m not black but there’s a lot of times I don’t want to be white.” Frank Zappa on HELP I’M A ROCK. White people had a hard time with Michael Jackson’s transformation to a white person. Bizarre was most of their takes. “He was so cute as a young boy.” What they don’t take into […]

Heaven or Hell

The model from Paris has converted to Fundamentalism with a vengeance. Her eternal life dogma is based on solid belief. Only two choices allowed to all souls. Heaven or Hell. I asked her if there were any alternatives. Her response “NO. Don’t fight it cause there’s only one way, and don’t worry once you admit […]

Damn You Satan

The model from Paris shared an apartment on Ile St. Louis. Her husband paid the rent. He was an ex-legionnaire living in the South of France. She assuaged his suspicion about our having an affair by declaring at dinner on Cap d’Antibes that I was gay. In truth we were never lovers. I wasn’t her […]


Several years ago my doctor and I were cleaning out the medicine cabinets of his deceased father’s office. It was in his parents’ old house. where his old man had spent over 40 years caring for thousands of Staten Islanders. We were surprised to find three small boxes of Quaaludes. Their expiration date was 1979. […]

Clear Bangkok Sky

Bangkok in monsoon season