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Copyright Infringement Cops on the Prowl

Columbia sportswear products are available in more than 100 countries. Their headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon. The climate along the Columbia River is moderately temperate with heavy rains. These reports of heavy precipitation are claimed to untrue by locals, who nevertheless continue to spread this heresy in order to deter Californians from moving into […]

William Klein and I by Tristam

In 1994 I am in Moscow doing a fashion shoot with Shalom Harlow. We are at the beautiful Goum department store next to the Red Square. Suddenly I scream, “That’s here that’s here !!” My team look at me trying to understand, “That’s here, right here that William Klein did one of his picture”. They […]

Stupid People Speak Too

Government officials go to the same school. They wear the same clothes. Their families are interconnected by marriage. This inbred clique has produced a strain of humanity whose intelligence rivals a collie and this week the Phuket Land Director showed his smarts by announcing that any foreigners using their wives as Thai nominees to buy […]

Persona Grata a Thailand

January 2008 started with my arrest for ‘copyright infringement’ by the Thai police from the cyber-crime division. The commander told me not to worry about anything, despite the national TV presenting this arrest as a major blow against intellectual piracy. 20,000 shirts and $250,000. None of it mine. I was guilty of possessing 20 shirts, […]

Pattaya 1988

It’s hard to imagine Pattaya untouched by development. I first arrived in 1990. The only disco was the Marine. A girl took me back to a Jomtien hotel. No one lived out on the beach. We swam at dawn. Little fish leaped from the turgid water. It wasn’t clean then, but it was paradise once. […]