Monthly Archives: March 2009

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Chapter 2 by Peter Nolan Smith

A baby’s plaintive cry bounced down the airshaft into the pitch-black bedroom. The middle-aged man on the mattress opened his eyes. The upstairs neighbors must have brought their infant home from the hospital. The bawling ceased as soon as his feet touched the bare wooden floor. Sleep belonged to another day and Sean Collan stumbled […]

Hummer Highlights for GM

Wall Street tanked this Monday after absorbing the news that GM’s CFU or Chief Fuck-Up had been ousted by the Obama Administration. The old adage ‘What’s good for GM is good for America’ had lost its credibility during the 8-year leadership of Rick Wagoner with the company losing nearly 90% of its stock value. His […]

Pattaya’s Hell Club in Limbo

“Zees is not a beer drinking club. Zees is a fucking club.” Michel, the French manager of the Eden Lounge, told me and Sam Royalle. He clapped his hands and the girls lined up on either side of a yellow line. “Zee girls on the left are 2 holes and the girls on the right […]

9mm and a Broken Thumb

My boy Joey is ready for the Mr. Pattaya Contest 2009. The last winner. A cop isn’t in the competition. Joey’s guns are 20 inches. His headline for the super pump body is April 4th at the Royal Garden. He challenged me to a showdown and everyone else. He’s in the gym. I’m in the […]

Bangkok Card Scam

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” PT Barnum – circus flimflammer. One reason for the current economic debacle is the natural propensity of people wanting something for nothing ie greed. Everyone involved with Bernie Madoff were more than willing to accept his pay-outs without any research. They deserved exactly what they go, which was a […]