Mideast peace in our time

Israel unleashed the military wing of its airline El Al on Hamas this morning . Gaza Strip authorities are reporting the heaviest casualties in years from scores of raids throughout the Hamas-ruled strip along the sea. 195 dead in revenge for the recent spate of rocket attacks from within Hamas-controlled territories, killing one Israeli and wounding several others.

“There is a time for calm and a time for fighting, and now the time has come to fight,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in preparation for the February 10 election and intoned that the air campaign will last through the New Year.

The UN secretary called for cooler heads to prevail, as Hamas vowed a bloodbath.

Of course the only way for a true peace to exist is for Israel to retreat to the 1938 borders, but no one in Israel is contemplating this destiny. After all their lease is written by Yahweh. For ever and ever.

Of course Uncle Carmine had the best solution for the Middle East, which also solved the Cuba Question for the USA.

“What we do is propose normalization of relations with Cuba. We call off the embargo and offered Castro a major league franchise, but only on the condition that he change the name of Havana to Miami, so all the Cubans in Florida move back to Cuba, then we change the name of Miami to Jerusalem and get Disney to built a new Israel there, so the Chosen People can live in peace in the Promised Land. What could be more simple?”

I do miss Uncle Carmine.

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