Monthly Archives: September 2008

Pattaya’s #1 Snitch

Some people can’t help being do-gooders. Pattaya has its own share with its local police volunteers. These Dudley Dorights act as informers for the fight against crimes such as naked girls, foreign prostitutes, visa overstays, and after-hours drinking. Some are Thais and a few are farangs. The most noted of their police works for the […]

Time to go Home

Chris Rock does a piece about why men get married. “You don’t want to end up the old guy at the club.” The old guy at the club. Pattaya is filled with them. Drinking, drugs, chatting with girls, going to sin here and there. I’m a witness. I like the night life. Always have. My […]

12 Signs of Female Drunkenness

GOTHAM BOOKS has disappeared from NYC along with my favorite bars, restaurants, and hardware stores. They have been replaced by tee-shirt shops selling XXXX size to overweight tourists bussed from Scranton PA or fancy bars serving $10 Buds to Wall Street junior execs and their fat fiancees. At the Gotham the staff debated which den […]


After my arrest for copyright infringement in Thailand I had to stick around for my court date. Three months without any income. I called my various friends around the world for contributions to my ‘stay out of jail’ fund. There was a schedule to these pleas and in April it was Scottie Taylor’s turn. I […]

Hardest Working Man in Bangkok

A recent survey conducted in Thailand has compiled some interesting insights into the length of farangs’ stay in the Land Of Smiles. Two years to be the average sojourn for those westerners who say they want to live her forever. Reasons for leaving are topped by financial set-backs ie the bar went broke, the internet […]