Monthly Archives: April 2008

Welcome to New York

Written Apr 21, 2008 My export business in Pattaya failed after the cyber-crime police raided my house. I was without funds for the three months prior to trial for copyright infringement and my finances soon mimicked Zimbabwe. I could have toughed it out, except the economic climate in Pattaya was also dire. The westerners in […]

Fat Guys in Prison

I’ve spent an hour in Pattaya jail awaiting trial for a civil suit. I ordered khao-gai for the jailers. As much as I wanted. From what I heard from those unfortunates incarcerated for longer periods than 60 minutes, the diet in Thai prisons is very lean. Rice and more rice but never enough, which would […]

High Water Mark Pattaya

Songkran marks the official start of the low season and this year promises to be a lean one. Gas prices and tight credit are impacting the West. Perrennial visitors to Pattaya are cutting back on both the length of their stays and the number of trips they take this year. Bar girls are starving for […]

Good Grades For Thai BJs

A Thai university lecturer tried to convince a female student to submit to an indecent oral exam in exchange for a better grade. The student escaped the dastardly professor and returned with the police, although unlike in the case of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky there was no semen-stained black dress to act as the […]

Hashish Farts II

Koh Samui Hospital has reported that the UK resident smuggling ingested hashish has died while under care. Three of the capsules containing the hashish burst in his stomach and he overdosed on the cannibas resin. The doctors said he felt no pain. Let this be a warning to farangs everywhere that easy money has its […]