Rockets Red Glare over Suvarnabhumi

My first years were spent in a house in Maine. The road deadended onto Casco Bay. Seagulls were the predominant bird of flight. Their call continues to evoke childhood memories of the North Atlantic, however they were replaced by a much more disturbing noise with a family move in 1960. My father had a new job in Boston. We lived on the South Shore. The first night in the new house I couldn’t sleep. Our neihgborhood was directly underneath the landing pattern for Logan Airport.


“You”ll get used to it.” My uncle Jack told me. He lived up the street. He was telling the truth, then again most of the planes were props and our house was ten miles from the runway unlike the Thais living near Suvarnabhumi International Airport who have 747s roaring overhead day and night.

Their requests for compensation have been ignored by the Airport Authorities and the more militant residents have vowed to release balloons and fire off bung fai or Isaan rockets to ward off inbound airplanes. The attack date Feb. 23.

If I’m not mistaken, the response by the police with be unusally heavy-handed.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is a national source of pride.

Thailand’s 21st century portal for the rest of the world.

The Samak government will tolerate no loss of face or nah sia.

Big people versus small people.

My bets on the Big.

You can’t fight City Hall and a 747 crash can get messy.

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