Monthly Archives: December 2007

Surprise Visit

Smiling faces – Thai elections 2007

The Election Commission has issued a letter warning the public that serving alcohol during the election weekend is punishable by law. Notices have been sent out to business operators that they are to refrain from selling alcoholic beverages between 18.00 hrs on December 22 until 24.00 hrs on December 23. This ban includes sales, distribution […]

Wicked – Novella – Chapter 1

WICKED – A novella by PETER NOLAN SMITH CHAPTER 1 An early summer breeze rustled through the narrow meadow to a burned circle. The charred grass had been trampled by countless feet. None had worn shoes in their orbit around the crudely-cut pole topped by an animal skull. The bone gleamed white in the afternoon […]

No Nukes in Iran, but……

When Alan Greenspan said that the main reason for the Iraq War was Oil, I responded with a classic American epithat, “BULLSHIT.” The Neo-Cons under the idiotoship of Donald Fieth and Paul Wolfowitz pursued a forward aggressive stance in the Middle East in order to satisfy the religious right’s belief that such a conflict could […]

Doomsday Compromise in Bali

Two weeks of bitter talks in Bali ended with the US compromising on a plan to start decreasing carbon emissions by 2009 in order to deal with worldwide rising temperatures. Only problem is that we may be too late, despite U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declaring, “This is the beginning, not the end.” The jungles of […]