Music Industry seeks ban CD downloads.

Every time I view a bootleg DVD, my body trembles at the sight of the FBI warning preceding the movie. The G-men. relentless. White shirts, grey suits, black shoes. No paisley ties. They hunting for millions of other violators of the international copyrights and now the RIAA or the enforcement arm of the music industry have entered the fray by attempting to prosecute a Arizona man who downloaded CDs onto his MP3 player and they nailed a 16 year-old for $295,000 saying that the reason for the sales downswing was due to this rampant piracy by kids, grandmothers, and students.


Nothing to do with the fact that the CDs suck.

“We’re protecting the artists.”

I’ve heard this stated by record industry execs dining at five-star restaurants.

“How does your ordering lobster sushi at Nobu protect the artist.”

Richard berry the writer of LOUIE LOUIE received no money for that hit song other than $790 flat fee despite the music being recorded by countless bands and featured on TV and movies throughout the world. The record company fought to protect their ownership of the artist’s song over 30 years, until a court reached a agreement with the artist. The settlement was under a million.

“The better I feel the better I can help the artist.”

The reocrd industry is still selling Pink Floyd DARK SIDE OF THE MOON for $22.99.

The group probably gets $2 from each sale if they’re lucky. Lawyers, execs, and mistresses receive the rest. Still I don’t download anything onto my computer, just in case the FBI come knocking.

“Open the door. It’s the FBI.”

I can hardly wait.

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