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Pattaya Beach Ratings Gay Beach / Jomtien

There are actually two Jomtien Beaches. The better known is the thin strand of sand bordered by the Jomtien Road running south from the police box for several kilometers, however another Jomtien Beach exists north of the police box. No jet skis or rumbling buses, since cars and motorcycles are banned from 8am to 6pm thus bestowing […]

3rd Anniversery of Tak Bai

I took a train to Yala City in 1994.  My friend, Michel Fagot, was teaching English to teenagers and adults. The Frenchman spoke English like Pep Pee Le Phew, the cartoon skunk. His accent was better than the local teachers according to his Thai wife, who worked at a private school. The head mistress was an old […]

$2.4 Trillion for The War on Terror

GW Bush is seeking another $194 billion for his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Congress is doomed to grant this supplemental addition to the gigantic Pentagon budget. Few Democrats are willing to appear weak on defense. Hillary Clinton regards her pro-vote as proof of her commitment to a strong military. Only Dennis Kucinech and the […]

2007 Pattaya Beach Ratings – Jomtien Beach

My friend, Alan Platt aka the Old Roue, visited Jomtien Beach 20 years ago for seaside romance with a bargirl from Walking Street. “It was sunrise. The sea was gin-clear and little fish were jumping from the water. It was magic.” Making love at dawn in the sea is erotic poetry in motion, but the ensuing years have been […]

Beggars of Pattaya

beggar n. One who solicits alms for a living Last night Pattaya police responded to a complaint of an older Khmer woman abusing a young girl. The ‘mother’ was furious with the four year-old’s take for a long night of begging. Little Bo bore bruises on her arms and legs. Some old. Some new. During interrogation at […]