Witch Hunt for Pedos

For the past three years Interpol had been seeking a pedophile who had brazenly been posting his Southeast Asia exploits with young boys on the web. The chickenhawk had hoped to safeguard his identity with a CGI mask over his face. Interpol deciphered the disguise and issued an arrest warrant for the 13th most wanted child abuser complete with his photo. The suspect fled Korea for Thailand, hoping to hide in the North with a transvestite friend. The Thai police tracked him to Nakhon Ratchasima thanks to a snitch and transported Christopher Neil to a prison in Bangkok.


“Take care … to make sure I get out of here. That’s all – help me get out.” He called from behind bars.


You’re guilty until proven innocent in the halls of press justice

Just like France.

Neil has denied any wrongdoings He doesn’t lok anythig like the CGI-generated photo spread by Interpol. The one witness is a teenager who confessed to being a victim after two days of incarceration. He got 500-1000 baht each time. The boy is over 18 now. He might have been 17 at the time of the crime. One year makes a lot of difference.

No bail has been set for the Canadian and his embassy is keeping a low profile on the matter. Justice for suspected pedos isn’t high of the list of priorities for the West, especially after Thailand has announced a blacklist of 50 men as potential pedo-raiders to SE Asia.

Mostly German comes as no surprise.

Their tactics is to use a in-between to lure young boys with computer games or money.

The police chief in charge explained to the press, as he flipped with the folder of the 50 wanted men, “These are men, young and old, who love to have sex with little boys. I have no objection if they have sex with anyone aged over 18, but don’t do it on our little children who are the future of our country. Without the cooperation of the children, police can’t prosecute these paedophiles.”

Few of these boys want to be known as rent boys or dek kai tuah.

Some selling their bodies for as little as 200 baht.

When I was in Phnom Penh a young boy came up to me and asked if i wanted to have sex. He was nine. I refused and he came back with a 7 year-old girl. “You not gay. Maybe you want girl. She do everything.”

“No.” I gave them both a dollar.

Later I realized a passer-by could have misconstrued my donation.

“He’s another Gary Glitter.”

I don’t even like his songs any more and I’m not a priest.

“Help me.”

As an American the age of consent in Thailand is 18 and pornography is taboo.

A 79 year-old farang was arrested in Pattaya for having 100,000 XXX images on his computer. I only have a thousand. One is too many when you’re in the grip of the police.

“Help me.”

Not from the US Embassy, whose policy statement comes from the old adage.

“God helps those who help themselves.”

Trouble is that I don’t believe in God.

Not after being rejected by the pedo-priests of the Boston diocese.

If they had molested me in the 60s, then I would be spending a million dollar pay-off from the Sunday mass contributions instead of being so borke I have to porno-surf for sex.  

What was wrong?

I was an altar boy.

I was cute.

Why not me?

Is it too late to sue the Church for not having abused me?

Believe me I have the scars, only they’re on the inside.

“Help me.”

I want to be a millionaire too.

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