$2.4 Trillion for The War on Terror

GW Bush is seeking another $194 billion for his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Congress is doomed to grant this supplemental addition to the gigantic Pentagon budget. Few Democrats are willing to appear weak on defense. Hillary Clinton regards her pro-vote as proof of her commitment to a strong military. Only Dennis Kucinech and the GOP’s Ron Paul have called for cold turkey from America’s Mid-East addiction. Forget the mayhem, the political turmoil, fighting Al-Quada, and overthrow of Saddam.


This war is expensive.

Prediction $2.4 trillion, of which $705 billion would be for servicing the debt.

I’ve done the math many times, but this new number staggers the imagination, so let’s examine $2.4 trillion within the mindset of beer-drinkers.

$2.4 trillion is 500 billion / one million retirement visa bank deposits for Thai ex-pats complete with the bribe or sin bon.

$2.4 trillion is almost 10 million years of bar fines / bonus for Pattaya a 1500 baht/ night. Mankind might be extinct before the money was gone, so you need help. 10 girls a night brings it down to a million years. Not even Methuselah lived that long. Invite 500 friends, strangers, and policemen. 2000 years now. Still not close and you have everyone else in Pattaya complaining that you’ve barfined all the women here. At this point you have to hire about a thousand workers to shovel money into a fire otherwise you’ll never get through $24 trillion in your lifetime.

$2.4 trillion would finance a construction spree in Pattaya for 2.4 million go-go bars or 2 go-go bars for every visitor to the city.

$2.4 trillion is enough for 2.4 trillion San Miguel beers. 100 million years of heavy beer drinking.

$2.4 trillion would give $60,000 to every Afghan and Iraqi or $8000 to the 300 million Americans who will have to pay for this war into the next century, unless the USA follows my advice about International Debt Write-Off Day.

$2.4 trillion could construct almost 1000 World Trade Towers.

$2.4 trillion is about 40,000 times what the world spends on AIDS in Africa per annum.

And it has come to light that Saddam asked for $1 Billion to go into exile.

$1 billion versus $2.4 trillion.

But we wouldn’t be any safer if the USA had really done the war on the cheap.

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