Monthly Archives: October 2007

Train strike in Thailand

Train workers walked off the job this morning to protest the threatened privatization of the State Railways of Thailand (SRT). Service halts on the long lines to Chiang Mai, the South and Northeast forced travelers off the trains onto station platforms. The labor union said the work stoppage will continue until the Prime Minister withdraws the legislation to sell […]

Khun Sa RIP

The Golden Triangle has been a source of opium since the 1800s. Tribesmen in the mountains grew it for a cash crop as well as a source of comfort after a long day in the rice fields. The French controlled the overseas trade until the Commies took over in China. Mao had the opium dealers […]

First Beer of the Day 2:32pm

The Thai word for humid is choom or cheun. In French it’s lourde or heavy. Either way the days in Pattaya have exorcised a sweaty demon from my flesh. This loss of water weight has my neighbors and mia noi remarking that I look a little thinner. Down to 85 kilos and a BMI of […]

Witch Hunt for Pedos

For the past three years Interpol had been seeking a pedophile who had brazenly been posting his Southeast Asia exploits with young boys on the web. The chickenhawk had hoped to safeguard his identity with a CGI mask over his face. Interpol deciphered the disguise and issued an arrest warrant for the 13th most wanted […]

Red Sox Win the World Series

Yesterday I watched the final game of the 2007 World Series at Donovan’s Sports Bar on 3rd Road. The only other person in the newly opened restaurant was the Thai waitress filing her nails. She had no interest in baseball and even less in a farang nursing a cappuccino. I was on my own, because […]