Monthly Archives: March 2007

April Fool’s Day – Thai Visa

Thai visa is not normally known for its humor, however this morning’S alert about a new Luxury Tax on internet usage in Thailand struck aOrson Welles’ Invasion from Mars panic in the blog’s readers. Even I fell for it, until Sam Royalle reminded me of the date. April Fool’s Day, which is my older brother’s […]

10 Years for Swiss Defamer of King

December 5 is thevenerable Thai King’s birthday. The day is called wan pah or Father’s Day as Thais view their ruler with a healthy dose of deification.Guide books warntravelers to refrain from any and all comments about the royal family for anyjoke or insult will be considered a crime, as proven by the case of […]

Happy Ending – Dognapping Pattaya

Champoo my dog had been missing over a day. My wife said she had probably been stolen, but also suspected the little Tzit-Tzhu might have been left behind during my travels. To be honest I couldn’t remember when I had seen the dog last. My wife and I handled Champoo’s disappearance with different temperaments. I […]

Iranian Take Away

A week ago 15 British service members(one woman crew member) were captured on the high seas by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. My first question was why they didn’t defend themselves. The answer came with the TV footage of their boats. Zodiac dinghies. One bullet and the dinghies sinks faster than a lifeboat overloaded withobese Americans fleeing […]

Giant Kilometer Sing Cha-am Road

Most men will never admit they are lost. Maps are no help either. They keep on going in the wrong direction to prove they can get to their destination, despite having to circumnavigate the globe to do so. In order toalleviate this stubbornrefusal ofgeo-global misjuxaposition an enormousgiant kilometer marker in Hua Hin district has been […]