Monthly Archives: October 2006

Chulalongkorn Day 2006

The Thai calendar has a plenthora of non-western holidays. Most foreigners have no idea that a day is a holiday until they gather in  stupified huddles before bank, utility office, or post office. None can read the Sanskrit sign. Asking a pThai about the date offers little help, since most farangs are clueless about their own heritages, let alone […]

Sex education on Soi Six

Last week Bangkok’s ‘Sex Education Van’ visited Pattaya’s notorious short-time street, Soi 6, which many farangs called ‘Soi half-a-dozen’ to throw suspicous girlfriends off their trail. Soi 6 boasts 43 bars. Most are short time joints. The action is casual sex. Wham-bam-thank you, m’am. These establishments employ from 5-20 women, whose beauty ranges from stunning to beastoid. Due […]

USA Bumper Stickers – Anti Bush

My family is divided between the parties; Democraps and GOP dopes. My politics linger on the lunatic fringe as a libertarian who worships beer. My older brother and his wife are firm anti-terror war hawks, although my brother reckons nations go to war due to a lack of sex. My sister-in-law worked for Bush the Old […]

Tata Young offered 25 million to star with Nicholas Cage

The tantalizing Thai beauty, Tata Young, has been invited to star alongside Nicholas Cage for a Hollywood movie. She has passed the competitive casting gauntlet  for a film featuring a naked love scene with the movie star. Her price for this unclothed appearance. 25,000,000 baht. To pretend to make love.

CBGBs closes forever Long live PUNK

CBGBs is closing its doors October 15 after 33 years. The Bowery bar had been home to punk since 1975. The Ramones were the house band in those early days. 24 songs in 30 minutes. Blondie starred as the sex attraction. Talking Heads brought in the college crowd and the heartbreakers with Johnny Thunders appealed […]