Bible thumper zapped to Heaven by police

17% of Americans believe that Christ will stage his 2nd Coming in their bush_jesus_christ.jpglifetime. TV media messiahs seek teens to fatten their flock, but as Karl Marx said, “Religion is the greatest opiate of the masses other than opium.”

Refused access to a harmless marijuna high by gestapo narks, sub-draft age kids are turning to Jesus to achieve a state of enlightenment.


Not at all for a young St. Louis Jesus freak.

Police stopped a teen carrying a bible with two taser shots.

He was announced DOA at the hospital.

I am very anti-religious, however the police might have over-react in this case.

“I want jesus.”

That’s what the kid said.

And the police zapped him

He did not rise from the dead.

Stun guns are a danger to the public.

The police say it is not lethal force.

At least 156 deaths from stun guns were recorded in the USA for 2005.

156 out of 70,000 uses, which is a reasonable margin of error for a country which allows 600,000 tobacco deaths versus zero for marijuana.

“I want jesus.”

In Thailand you can buy stun guns on the street. We were drinking in a bar and a friend bought one. He wasn’t sure that it worked and asked everyone if they would test it on him. I volunteered and gave him a good jolt. He fell to his knees and lay still for several seconds.

We thought he was joking and to prove he wasn’t he did it again.

This time it took longer to get off the ground.

When asked if I wanted to try, I said, “Maybe tomorrow.”

Sadly for that family in St Louis their son will have only yesterdays.



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