US $ (Dollar) drops below 37 baht

Listening to the Fox News flacks boast the US economy, I don’t think the bushfinger1.jpgtalking heads are worried about the 3 million Americans living overseas. Our purchasing value has lost 11% over the past year and the GOP crows that this imbalance makes American products more attractive to foreign consumers.

American products?

Pornography, cars better suited to a Soviet taxi fleet, fat people, and the stock market.

Foreign investors are dropping their cheap dollars into the NYSE. Politicians crow the Down Syndrome Jones is over 12000, but simply taking the 15% debasement of the dollar means you can lop 1800 off that number. Cheaper dollar. Cheaper stocks. Cheaper dollar. More expensive oil.

And our trade deficit with China is approaching a triillion.

Economy booming?

Only if we start selling cocaine to China.

Not that I want Hillary in power, but Slick Wille Clinton would do the trick, because GW Bush has cost me personally one beer out of ten and that a loss any American can understand, unless they’re bible thumpers.2006_05_11t121304_332x450_us_security_usa_phonecalls_bush.jpg

Everyone knows they never touch the stuff. 

Except for old rednose GW.

Tell me he’s never huff some ye-ho.

In related news a Washington state school bus driver was fired for having given the president’s passing motorcade the one-finger salute. She is now in CIA custody in Bulgaria being questioned about links to the Taliban.

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