Lingerie thief caught in the act

Years ago my cousin Sharon starred in the XXX film trade. She performed in over 2000 skin flicks. Her performance as a runaway teenager in THE SEDUCTION OF JOY was more honest Nicole Kidman in MOULIN ROUGE, however pornstars never get nominated for Oscars.


Exiled from the mainstream my cousin sought various incomes to augment her acting fees; dancing naked, private shows, and souvenirs from her life.

The most requested item was used underwear. Sometimes as many as 20 a day. Unable to keep up with demand Sharon enlisted the women of her North hollywood apartment complex to answer the panty sniffers’ fetish.

$20 a shot.

My neither regions smelled bad and I offered to help, except none of her fans were interested in silk panties smelling of man. I did get a few sales from her bi-sexual crossover devotees and thank them for their patronage.

Most people aren’t into smell. They scrub and bahte and cloaked their bodies in perfumes and deoderant, but like my cousin’s fans my nose makes the connection between bodily odors and my libido. The tangy fragance of a woman turbo-charges my desire and even my own pungent aroma sometimes moves me to a state of ecstacy, however this appreciation does not cross the frontier into fetishism.

Unlike some.

Not only in America but here in Thailand.

Last week Pattaya police received an urgent call from several women in the same apartment complex. A thief was prowling the laundry room. The police arrived on the scene and quickly arrested the culprit in the act of packing his booty into a bag.

The young man, age 27, had not stolen money.

His crime was the theft of underwear yet to be washed. At the police station the perp confessed that he was a virgin living with his domineering wealthy mother and also admitted to a sexual predilection for smelling girl’s underwear. The police laughed at his confession, but several took the panties for further investigation.

This crime isn’t as rare as it might seem.

My 20 year-old niece had her knickers stolen by a teacher, who was later caught in a sting operation. The police found over a thousand pieces of lingerie in his apartment. He was sentenced to jail for over a year. Several girls sent underwear to get him through his sentence. They were all heart.

I can only hope the Pattaya panty purloiner is so lucky.

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