Hollywood Disco in Pattaya struck by Texas Lightning

Two years ago the entrance of the Hollywood Disco burned to the ground.hollyfire.jpg Fortunately no one died and authorities blamed the conflagration on a short with the exterior lighting.

Lightning normally doesn’t strike twice unless it’s Texas Lightning.

Monday night the entrance to Hollywood Disco was once more wrapped in fire. No customers were in the club and the staff escaped without harm. Despite the difficulty in reaching the site, the Pattaya fire brigade extinquished the inferno before it could harm the main club area.

Damage is estimated to be 2 million dollars.

The club announced it will open Tuesday night.

BBQ party.

Personally I’d say it sounds a little mysterious.

Same area. Same fire. Same damage.

The gods move in strange ways, especially since ‘Texas Lightning’ is a euphemism for arson.

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