Big C on Beach Road

When I first came to Thailand no fast food chains, 7/11s, or mega stores existed outside of Bangkok. I was a sucker for the A&W restaurant near Patpong. I love root beer floats.

In the ensuing years 7/11s have invaded the nation. More kids drink Pepsi than water and KFC is finger-licking good everywhere.


Worst are Big Cs and Lotus selling the same drab merchandise as Wal-Mart so everyone looks eats and drinks the same. Not everyone shares my anti-globalism. Thais like the convenience. Everything under one roof. And I can’t say i don’t shop at them. I bought my fridge, TV, and washer at Big C.

While I don’t mind being a hypocrite, I don’t want to live next to a Big C or have them in the middle of town.

Pattaya is on the verge of having a Big C on Beach Road at Soi 9.


A mega-store right on the beach.

What can the town council be thinking?

Last week they came partially to their senses when they refused Big C the right to erect power pylons 7000 meters from Sukhumvit to the site of the new store.

We haven’t seen the end to this story since the city council is considering changing 2nd Road to a two-way thoroughfare.

Supposedly to improve traffic.

Of course this has nothing to do with the Big C project.

Only to make cars get somewhere faster.

And what about the beach?

Recognize it?

Not without the BIG C sign.

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