Snakes on a Plane (movie)

A NYC opera critic once received a letter from an irate fan, accusing of sleeping through an opera about which he had written a favorable review. The opera critic wrote back. “I’ve seen enough opera to know that it’s the bad ones that wake me up.”

I feel the same way about movies and don’t subject myself to a film like SNAKES ON A PLANE.


A plane, an FBI agent, a mafia boss, and snakes (poisonous snakes. hundreds of them. Yech factor 100)


You know it.

I bet the first victim is a male steward.

Serpent air rage.

Second one annoying 1st class customer.

And the last one is the Mafia boss as he’s ready to make his escape.

They’ll be a rush to land in order to get those poisoned to an antidote.

A pilot will be bitten and a video games fanatic will land the plane.

A clock will be ticking.

A snake will jump at the screen three times.

I won’t see this movie so someone will have to tell me if I am wrong or right.

PS I don’t mind being wrong.




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