MTV Top 10 outrageous VDOs

MTV issued their list of the Top Ten VDOs which broke the rules.


Now forget you can’t sing any of the choices around a campfire or all are insipid pop trash. These are songs for the people and if they are breaking the rules, then the bar has to be raised a few taboos.

Like naked sex, flag-burning, or actually singing and dancing at the same time instead of lipsynching like the legendary Milli Vanilli.

The classics for the age of boredom are as follows;

1. Madonna, Like a Prayer
2. Britney Spears, Baby One More Time (pictured)
3. Michael Jackson, Thriller
4. Madonna, Ray of Light
5. Madonna, Vogue
6. Michael and Janet Jackson, Scream
7. Robbie Williams, Rock DJ
8. Eric Prydz, Call on Me
9. Jamiroquai, Virtual Insanity
10. Spice Girls, Wannabe

Out of the top ten Britney’s masterpiece is the one the go go girls in Pattaya liked the most. Spice girls came second and ROCK DJ got a third.

The rest of the songs earned an expression of ignorance and THRILLER received faces of disgust.

Like who really cares?

One more question.    

Is anyone in the list normal?

I did have a few sexual dreams about Madonna and recently too.

Thankfully my wife woke me before Madonna could enlist me into her kabala conspiracy of lesbian rabbis. I fear for my soul, but pray one day that Milli Vanilli regain their Grammy, since they paved the way for boy bands and pop divas.

Only then will justice be served.

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