Who cares? Update

The results have been tabulated for the Bangkok Municipal Authority.

People actually left their homes to vote.

And those that voted slammed the TRT (ThaiRakThai) Party_41289272_afp_thaksin203.jpg.

The Democraps ( also a party of the rich and famous ) won 37 of the 54 seats.

Turnout was slightly larger than anticipated, however I still like to think that a non-vote is for no government. You too can be an anarchist. Don’t vote.

In 1994 the GOP tried to shut down the government of Bill Clinton by refusing to pass a budget. national parks were shut, congress went home or on junkets paid by lobbyists for Israel, guns, or tobacco, and tax bills remained unmailed.

During this crisis Monica Lewinsky entered the Oval Office with a pizza. Lonely with the weight of the world on his head, Bill Clinton accepted her offer of fellatio and that was the worst thing that happened when America didn’t have a government. No wars, no floods, only a blow-job.

The PM of this country should be so lucky.

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