Traffic Rules in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city well-known for its traffic. Main avenues are jammed at lights for hours and then released by city police whose brains have been addled from breathing too much CO2. Drivers stomp on the accelerators for a brief burst of freedom from the gridlock, even though another red light will trapped them within minutes.


This demonic rush creates a clear and present danger to pedestrians as the frenzied motorists seek to re-create DEATH RACE 2000.

Sadly last week a British tourist and his Norwegian girlfriend were killed by an overloaded truck. They had been waving flags provided by the municipal authority to aid their crossing the street.


Anyone living or visiting Bangkok know that a car or truck stops for no man, woman, or child and that traversing a major thoroughfare is a possible life-ending event. I mean, you don’t go swimming in the ocean after the fishermen have chummed blood into the water to attract fish.

The driver of the truck apologized and said his brakes had failed.

Still you have to contemplate the sanity of someone stepping into the street before a concrete truck.

In the movie DEATH RACE 2000 the drivers received points for every pedestrian they hit. Seems the same might be true for any city where cars always have the right of weight. 3000 pounds versus 180. You figure the odds of who wins this contest.

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