Monthly Archives: June 2006

Elephant versus humans – World Cup Soccer

Once more the authorities have carted out the tired image of elephants playing football against humans in order to make some irrelevant point against gambling on the World Cup. This game was organized in Ayuthayya by some eggheads from a nearby institute of higher learning how to be like everyone else in the world. The […]

BTS Skytrain plans for disabled passengers in Bangkok

At present the elevators of the Skytrain are restricted to those people in wheelchairs. The elderly, young, and drunk are required to huff it up the stairs. Not all station have elevators and in order to aid those people unable to make the trip to the platform an anonymous BTS official has proposed that the […]

Visa runs Penang

Most farangs enter Thailand with a multiple-entry visa. Life is good. Only having to leave the Kingdom once every three months. Time goes quick when you’re having fun or doing nothing more than drinking beer, but suddenly you are faced with having to get a new visa or else submit to the monthly trip to […]

Marine airport in Pattaya

The environment of Pattaya Bay is getting a lot of attention these days. A sewer system and water treatment plant has decreased the amount of raw human waste entering the bay and the boat Mafia have to take their reckless crafts out of the water every night. In addition to the beach expansion project the […]

Beach expansion in Pattaya

Pattaya urban planners has announced a new scheme to widen the beach from the Dusit Resort to the old pier. The project consists of dumping 49 million baht worth of sand on the present beach. The city intends to experiment with a 100-metre swath of the strand before taking full action to create a more beautiful […]