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The Plight of a Billionairess

Back in 2008 a shoe dropped on the world economy week. The downturn was unlike anything I’ve seen since gas crisis of 1973. One spring weekend I couldn’t take any more bad news and fled New York for the bucolic hills of Dutchess County. My good friend AC picked me up at the Poughkepsie train […]

Life Of The Emirate Rich

Dubai was a backwater pearl port for centuries whose Al Bu Falasa tribe seceded from Abu Dhabi in the 19th Century. The Great Depression Thrusted the small nation further into obscurity, however in the late 50s Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum transformed the oil-less economy into a desert financial hub. No one believe in […]

The Dearth of Wealth

No one in the USA will rebel until they surrender their dream of instant wealth. ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ is a lie. A million dollars after taxes lasts a poor man about three years, unless he throws away his telephone and stops talking to his family. The Lottery is a scam. Most of […]

CIA BS War On Terrorism

9/11 has always been hinky for me. US Intelligence techniques love the ‘sting’ and I’ve always thought that the attack on the WTC and Pentagon was an deep-cover intel op left too long on the burner. 9/11 was never supposed to go that far, but someone up the chain of command said, “Let’s see where […]