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Pursuit of Higher Education UK

My sister-in-law regards me as a ne’er-do-well. She’s not far off the mark, I’ve led a prodigal’s life, while she’s worked for the CIA under George Bush and led a an exemplary suburban life as a working mother and wife. My brother and she have raised two good kids. Smarter than me and this Spring […]

The Sun Has Set Somewhere

“El imperio en el que nunca se pone el sol.” or ‘the sun never set on your empire’ was a remark attributed to a loyal courtier of the Holy Roman Empire Charles V. His possessions spanned the globe. Philip II gambled its power on the Spanish Armada. Filthy weather in the Channel thwarted his desire […]

The Blindness Of Justice

In 2003 online postings from US soldiers working at Abu Ghraib prison showed photos of torture. The Pentagon called this an isolated incident, however the CIA had established a secret empire of prisons throughout the world for terror suspects of their ‘rendition’ program. “This is not representative of the 150,000 soldiers that are over here. […]

The Price of Time

For years I have heard people say, “If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.” This stupid saying only pertains to poor people and sloppy criminals, since they can’t afford a good lawyer to get them off with a slap on the wrist or delay the proceedings until the court settles for […]

Take It All

David Cameron touched the third rail of British politics in April 2009 with his address to the Tory Party entitled ‘The Age Of Austerity’ in which called for his fellow conservatives vow to cut spending in order to pay down the debt incurred by the Welfare State. Pension programs, clean water, and cheap housing were […]