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Oh my Lucky Day

I am Vice Chairman of Hang Seng Bank, I have Important Matter to Discuss with you concerning my late client, Died without a NEXT OF KIN. Send me your private email for full details information. email me at (infovsa@ aim.com) Mail Regards Dr.Raymond Chien Kuo Fung

The Meaningless Of Knowledge

In HG Wells THE TIME MACHINE the hero travels far into the future. The Time Traveler discovered a simplistic communist society. The Eloi’s every want was produced by the subterranean race of Morlocks. Denied the need to work the egalitarian eden bred ennui into the Eloi. There was no thirst for knowledge and the great […]

Same Old Suspects

International banks employ hundreds of thousands of highly educated people to invest funds through the global capital markets. These trades are overseered by top executives and governmental inspectors. Computers registered every transaction. Big or small. Two purchases of less than $15 pushed my account into the red and my bank issued a penalty of $35. […]