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Special Investigator deliver a report after two years of delving into the murky waters of whether Donald Trump had asked the Russians to swing the 2016 elections to the acting US Attorney General. William Barr declared that Robert Mueller had not uncovered any evidence to support suspicion of collusion or obstruction of justice. The nation’s […]

Treason Is Not Just A Word

Relations with our allies had suffered after a disastrous G7 conference in Quebec. Donald Trump complained about having to travel to Canada as a distraction from his upcoming Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Donald threatened the EEU with tariffs and then cut short his participation to cross the globe to the Orient. […]

Big Bear

Mikhail Gorbachev The USA and the USSR waged a Cold War across the world. America and her proxy nations fought wars in Korea and Viet-Nam. Countless conflicts burned on every continent and in the air as well as on the sea. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev stated at a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow […]

Exile From Moscow

Two days ago I was riding the Q train over the Manhattan Bridge. An older woman was speaking with a young man. His English was halting and he nodded, as she said that the USA wasn’t going to save the Crimea. “Everyone is always looking for us to save them.” “Like Cambodia?” We had heard […]

Olympic Boycott

The Sochi Olympics are nearing its final days. I have watched no live events in accord with a personal ban against Russia’s hardline against homosexuality and free speech. Putin has instituted draconian measures against any protests. Yesterday Cossacks attacked members of Pussy Riot with whips. They were dragged down to the police station and thankfully […]