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THEY ARE ANIMALS By Peter Nolan Smith

The other day I was on 47th Street selling a diamond. I ran into a young friend. Shimon spotted my NY Times opened to an article about Hamas. “Animals.” “Excuse me.” I liked Shimon. We shared the same taste in clothing. “Hamas are animals. They hide behind civilians and hide weapons in schools.” His chest […]

Jerusalem 1920

Population 1922. Jewish 33,971 Muslims 13,413 Christian 14,669 And about 4000 others. Of course the rest of Palestine was another story. Jeiwsh 84,000 Christian 71,000 Muslims 589,000 It was a different world. Jerusalem was a different place.

The Path From Palestine

Click on image to enlarge. How can you create peace in Palestine without understanding the fact that the land was stolen from the original owners? It would be like someone coming into your house and saying my great-great-great to the 10th power grandfather lived in this house and now I’m moving into it. “You get […]

Stone Cold Justice by Four Corners

at one point there will be peace, but not until Israel recognizes that the Palestinians are human.

The Peace Of Zion

Israeli leader Ariel Sharon’s life spanned the history of his country. He was born in Palestine and joined the Haganah at age 14 in 1942. The teenager fought during the partition of Palestine and later joined Unit 101, which specialized in cross-border raids and committed massacres in revenge for attacks by the fedayeen. Sharon fought […]