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Ashbury Park Bikinis

Jersey beaches have a tough reputation as the land of no. No radios, no dogs, no beer, no footballs, no, no, no. Back in 1980 two girls from Ashbury Park saw it different. They were free to say yes or no. I like their style. Foto from Joe Maloney Which I found on https://missrosen.wordpress.com

Yikes Land Shark

This photo from New Jersey appeared on Facebook. It might not be photoshopped, but judging from the height of the doorhandle I calculated that the sandshark is a 2-3 footer cruising the shallow floodwaters. He must be looking for a Micky Ds.

The Fat Boy Cometh

Iowa is in the center of the country. Its popluation of 3 million is ranked 30th in the USA. Des Moines is the 88th largest city in America. Corn rules the flatlands. The farmers sell the grain for oil not food. The state is predominantly white and its population is aging fast, however the Iowa […]

Palisades Amusement Park

My first trip to New York City was in 1964. My father had business with NY Tel, the parent company of New England Tel. He drove our Ford Station Wagon down from Boston. My mother sat in the front seat. My older brother and I were in the back. New York was a city that […]