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Another Day Another Massacre

After the defeat of the Arab forces in 1948, almost a million Palestinian Arabs fled their houses, villages, and cities in fear of the conquering Israelis. This exodus was a trail of tears. The Palestinians called the tragedy Nakba. The victors showed no mercy during the ethnic cleansing of the region. The refugees never were […]

Peace At All Costs – Gaza

After the Deir Yassin massacre by the Irgun, Palestians fled the violence of the 1948 War. The refugees numbered over 800,000. This diaspora was never allowed to return by Israeli authorities and the frced exs has been called Nakba or the ‘Disaster’. Camps sprouted up all around the partitioned lands. The exiles lived in squalor. […]

GB in Palestine

“There are no second acts in American lives.” F. Scott Fitzgerald’s fatalistic quote on success has been excoriated by critics. They did not have to live through the gauntlet of abusive expectation suffered by the writer after the triumph of THE GREAT GATSBY, considered by many scholars as the most perfect novel in American literature. […]