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Sway At The Stiletto

Last night at Pattaya’s Stiletto A Go-Go the ladyboys painted their faces for the evening rush. I ordered a beer and asked the veteran mama-san about a star employee. The dragon lady said Lil Vee was in Germany and pointed a long fingernail at a svelte teen sheathed in a shimmering silver dress. “That’s her […]

Mai Sa Bai for Phuket’s Ka-Toeys

For decades the US Navy exercises shore leave rights at several Thai coastal cities, most infamously. Pattaya on the Gulf of Siam and Phuket on the Indian Ocean. Thousands of sailors and marines embark from their warships to enjoy a holiday of booze and broads. All good harmless fun unless the religious right in America […]

The Death of Sin

Sin is considered an act defying the accepted social morale. Christianity listed the Seven Deadly Sins as Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. Sinners can commit this sins anywhere in the world, but for the past thirty years few places were better to offend the morality of squares than Pattaya, Thailand and I […]

Tornado A Go Go RIP

A ladyboy a go go sounds like a good idea. Ladyboys are wild. They like to strut like Vogue models. Ka-toeys will do almost anything. Long legs. long hair. Skinny bodies. The right linghting and you’re lost in a haze Tv hell. Location is key. Soi 6 seem the perfect street for such an enterprise and Tornado […]