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Death Valley Hot

A long heat wave covers the West and the weathermen are predicting that the temperature in Death Valley might hit 126 tomorrow. The manager of the Wrangler Restaurant in Furnace Creek on Tuesday closed the establishment after the ACs went on the blink, saying, “We can’t put customers through this — it’s just too hot.” […]

98 And That’s All

Thursday the temperature in New York City hit the high 90s. The humidity soaked my shirt within a few minutes of exposure to the outside weather. I drank three large bottles of Perrier, ate a quarter of a watermelon, and downed about five iced beers in a vain attempt to keep up with my projectile […]

Hellah Swelter

A horrid heatwave has scorched the Eastern Seaboard for the past four days. New York thermometers have read in the upper 90s. This evening I descended into the subway. The temperature rose 10 degrees Fahrenheit on each level. The train platform had to be in the 100s. I hurried into the air-conditioned train. A cool […]

5 Days In Semi-Hell

Last month New Yorkers were happy to not be involved in the Great Midwestern Heat Wave, however this week the Eastern Seaboard had been subjected to fury of 90+ temperatures. Every morning the thermometers start at 75 and then rise toward 100. So far we have been spared the triple-digit torrid torment, yet each day […]

On His Knees

James Inhofe has long been the GOP’s leading critic on global warming. His faith has convinced him that Man is incapable of altering his God’s plan for Earth. As late as July 2010 the Oklahoma senator stated, “I don’t think that anyone disagrees with the fact that we actually are in a cold period that […]