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Roger Casement Martyr

Once a Knight of the British Empire Roger Casement was led to his death before a firing squad. His crime was treason. He had plotted to have weapons delivered to the IRA to fight against the English during WWI. The Germans had failed to supply the arms. A lover sold him out to the Brits. […]

The Freedom of No Speech

Moses led his people out of Egypt without a map. The distance from the Nile to Palestine was a ten day walk, yet the prophet wandered through the eastern deserts for forty years. Like all men he wasn’t willing to admit that he was fucking lost and neither are the Zionists of the occupied territories […]

Senators in The Pocket.

$3 billion dollars. The USA had surrendered this amount to Israel every year without ever really questioning the cost of this support. Israel is a victim. Palestine the outlaw terrorist state. Anyone questioning this reality is lambasted as an anti-Zionist and the pro-Israel lobby showed its power with a letter signed by 76 senators strongly […]