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Biggest Ferrari Shirtseller in the World

Thailand is famous for knock-offs. I bought the complete collection of STAR TREK DVDs for less than $100. The cost in the States would have run more than $1000. My guilt was assuaged by the savings, especially since the money went to the copyright holders and not Gene Roddenberry, the creator of STAR TREK. Throughout […]

Fuck Ferrari

2008 started badly for me, when Thai cops raided my house in Pattaya with a warrant citing me with copyright infringement of Ferrari designed clothing. The investigators for the Italian sports car stood on the sidewalk, as the chief inspector from the Cyber-Crimes Unit in Bangkok approached me. His underlings had hands on their guns. […]

Burn Ferrari Burn

F1 racing is stupid. The cars race around circuit in a procession. Ferrari is the most fabled team on the circuit. From 2002 to 2007 my website was #1 in Google Search. An arrest by the Ferrari anti-copyright squad knocked me off the list. I had to move back to the USA. The Thai police […]