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Ban Top Knots

I haven’t cut my hair in months. It’s growing, but slowly. The front locks almost reach the end of my nose. My hopes of rehippiedom are seemingly only a dream, but if my tresses get long, I will never bun it or put it in a top knot. I’m just not that kind of guy […]

La Eleganza

La Eleganza said hip without having to spell it in big letters. I had bell bottom trousers with buttons on the split flair, but no one in Boston ever wore these bold threads. Not even in the Sugar Shack, the home of black pimps of the Combat Zone. The house band was George Clinton’s Funkadelics. […]

Azzadine Alaia Ride The Stars

Azzadine Alaia was born in Tunis, Tunisia, an ancient city dating back to Carthage. His family were wheat farmers, but his glamorous older sister nurtured his love of fashion and his mother’s friend gave the young man VOGUE magazine. Elegance extraordinaire. After studying at Tunis’ École des Beaux-Arts Azzadine lied about his age and migrated […]

No White After Labor Day

Fashion has long dictated that no one should wear white after Labor Day. The tradition started in the Gilded Age and many modernists of mode deem that the ban was instituted to separate the elite from the hoi polloi or lower classes, however the real reason was probably that at the end of summer people […]

The Debt Of A Nation

In 2011 Madame Ambassador phoned with the offer to be her ‘unofficial writer in residence’ at her posting in Mittel Europa and she asked, “Do you have an evening suit?” “Of course,” I replied without hesitation from my apartment in Fort Greene. “Good, because you’ll be needing it. There will be plenty of balls and […]