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Deconsume, Cocksuckers

Billions of dollars have been spent to telling consumers to buy shit. Potato chips. Sugar cereals. Cars. Gas. And the world has been buried by this global suicidal frenzy. Billions of tons of plastic with everyone saying it isn’t me.” “IT IS YOU, YOU FAT PIGS.” Let us go back to the garden. You potato […]

Ecological Footprint

Donald Trump blathered on how much a threat North Korea is to the world. Their danger to world peace is graphically revealed by a satellite photo of the hermit nation. South Korea had bright cities. North Korea? My Christmas tree had more lights.  So basically the most dangerous country on the globe is ecologically sound. What about my ecological footprint? I live […]

The Answer Is Us

Last week Donald Trump’s environmental minister resigned from office. Scott Pruitt came from Oklahoma. Baptists believe in God. Not in Nature. Trump has no idea about the onslaught of plastic, buyt neither do most Americans and people around the world.

Wonderful World of Yesteryear published this color photo on their website. The caption said ‘Chonburi’. I have pinpointed its location to Wongamat Beach in Naklua. If only it was like that now. The problem was only few people could foresee the future and one of them was Mr. McGuire in the film THE GRADUATE. Mr. McGuire: I just […]

The Mysterious Bronx River

Donald Trump has been unstoppable in his assault of nature from defunding the EPA to banning the term ‘Global Warming’ in government releases, and rolling back the protective codes enacted over the last half-century. The GOP are happy as pigs in shit by the end to environmental strictures against pollution of water, air, and land. […]