Trapped Like Rats

The Lower 48 States of the USA share land borders with two countries.

Neither Canada nor Mexico will allow Americans to cross their frontiers.

I am stuck in the USA.

My families are in Thailand.

My son Fenway, grandson Phot, and daughter Pam.

And I have more.

My daughter Angie.

My grandson Sunsun.

I have a big clan.

Two loving wives.

Well, they love me most of the time and the two would love me to be in Thailand, but as I stated, “I’m trapped like a rat.”

In a country without freedom

With a fascist madman as leader.

And millions of right-wing racist supporters, although the FBI count only those registered to the cause.

We can not leave this country.

Same as the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Never again.

One day we will be free, but only if we fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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