Death To Capitalism

The government had printed $2 trillion to assist small businesses in this time of crisis.

Most of the money was sent to banks, corporations, and Amazon, who recently showed Bezos’ largesse by donating $250,000 to booksellers.

$250,000 from the richest man in the world.

Fuck you.

None of my friends running local restaurants and neighborhood stores have received a nickel from the greedy bastards in the Executive or Legislative branch of Washington. No one has complained about this ‘oversight’. The only ways to attract the attention of the filthy rich are to threaten the burning of their summer estates and the threat of radical wealth redistribution. These suggestions will terrify most Americans in fear of burning and looting by the underclass, however the greatest theft of wealth has been by the .0001%.

Not the brothers in Bushwick, who earn money the old-fashioned way.

They work for it.

Death to Capitalists.

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