Go Neanderthals Go

The Neanderthal dominated Europe and Asia for almost a half-million years. This species of Man vanished from the Earth 24,000 years ago. Anthropologists once blamed the fall of the Neanderthals on their stupidity, while recent studies have revealed that the ancient men had large brains than their homo sapiens descendants and were stronger and taller than our present manifestation of humanity as well as better adapted to the colder climates of the Great Ice Age.

The mystery of their disappearance has troubled scientists, although a report in the BBC suggested that Neanderthals were already on the verge of extinction and the final shove came from drastic changes in the weather.

I beg to differ for I have theorized that Neanderthals did not vanish, but their DNA fused with homo sapiens at the end of the Ice Age.

I actually feel Neanderthalic after a couple of beers.

My brows are thickly padded by bone. My arms and legs are shorter than most men my size. My torso is long. Thankfully I’m not hairy. I detest hirsuteness in a man and avoid bearded women.

I guess that makes me a race traitor.

Go Neanderthals Go.

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