Mustard Plaster – Covid 19

Aside from Europeans singing from their balconies, one of the worst phenomenas of the Covid 19 pandemic has been the misinformation about how to treat the virus on the Internet.

Suddenly everyone thinks they went to Harvard Medical School.

Holding your breath for ten seconds.

It’s just a hoax.

Malaria pills stop the virus.

And the classically cold-hearted GOP approach, “People die all the time, why kill the economy?

As previously stated I am in the process of recovering for a mild bout of C-19.

Three years ago my lungs were impaired with a serious infection.

One night I expelled about two liters of blood into a bathtub.

It was midnight.

I should gone gone to the hospital, but realized an infection would put me in the grave and I returned to bed, thinking, If I wake in the morning, so be it.

I rose with the dawn and said, “Fuck it.”

Three months later I was 90%.

Of course if my mother had been alive, she would have slathered a mustard plaster on my chest and stuff Vicks-Vapo-Rub up my nose.

Her ministrations save all my brothers and sisters.

Until AIDS.

Reagan fucked that same as Trump is fucking this, but his approval rate has improved 3% in the last week with the promise of $1000 to every adult American. The rest of the money is going to the banks and corporations.

$4 trillion or $100,000 per citizens.

Open your eyes people.

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