800,000 Years Ago

The last Ice Age ended 20,000 years ago.

Earth underwent a natural heating process for almost 19,800, but the atmosphere has been filled with carbon emission from the Industrial Age into the present Plague of Consumerism.

The last time the atmosphere had 400 ppm of carbon was 800,000 years ago.

Homo Sapiens did not exist, although Homo Erectus was wandering the globe from Africa to Europe and the Far East. The species was the first to use fire and tools. They were probably smarter than ugh-ugh. Modern man has a tendency to put down other races, despite Homo Erectus having survived over two million years.

The weather might have been like today.

We don’t have the reports from the meteorologists of that forgotten time, however the coastal cities of this civilization is doomed even if mankind tries to rescue itself.

New York will be islands.

Bangkok, Miami, Shanghai, Venice will be flooded by the glacial melt from the South Pole and Greenland, yet global warming denialists are convinced that the change in the weather has nothing to do with the influence of man’s greed.

Fat people in SUVs.

Football stadiums.

Air travel.

Potato chips.

All junk.

No one is willing to give it up.

No one.

Not even me with my Macbook and cellphone.

Electrical lights.


Probably a million other needs fueled by fossils.

Mea Culpa Mother Earth.
Excuse-moi Home Erectus.

I’m sorry dear cosmos.

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