Elephant versus humans – World Cup Soccer

In 2006 the Thai authorities have carted out the tired image of elephants playing football against humans in order to make some irrelevant point against gambling on the World Cup.

This game was organized in Ayuthayya by some craven eggheads from a nearby institute of higher learning how to be like everyone else in the world. The proctor said, “We want to show the world that you can have fun without gambling.”

Hasn’t anyone told him that people don’t gamble for fun.

The human players weren’t having fun, since the elephants took the game seriously and nearly trampled several players. No fouls were called on the leviathans, because the referees were scared of the khang noi’s long memory.

The game ended in a draw and the crowd for the event numbered 23 people.

Across the street over a hundred people sat before a radio listening to the play by play of Iran versus some other country no one had ever heard of. They were enthralled and wagering 10 baht each. The police and had the elephants threaten them with their trunks. Not one football enthusiast bothered to turn their head.


What’s stuck between the toes of elephants?

Slow-running natives.

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