Happy Celtic New Year 5563

The New Year has been celebrated on countless dates throughout history. The Celtic Sahmain in November marked the end of the light half of the year. The Chinese New Year begins with the first lunar month coinciding Tet, the Vietnamese New Year and Losar for Tibet. Most of the other New Years are determined by either solstices or a lunar events, while the Thai Songkran signals the coming of the rain with the new moon in April.

The modern-day New Year originated with the old roman calendar and the Early Christian pinpointed January 1 as the date of their dead messiah’s Bristol or circumcision, although many western European nation maintained separate holidays such as Lady Day in the United Kingdom up until 1751.

My foreskin was schlocked off at birth. I mourn the desecration of my body. I want this new year in Bannok, thailand, a rice village fifty years off the Asia Highway. None of the other males were gelded by a doctor or midwife. It is nothing to celebrate.

So happy Celtic New Year 5563.

I really mean it.

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